If you are considering replacing your vehicle’s exhaust system, a performance exhaust system may be an ideal choice, as it offers you several benefits of a stock exhaust system. Consider the benefits of installing a stock exhaust system as opposed to a performance exhaust system.

1. More power – One of the obvious benefits of a performance exhaust system is more power to your car.

Using the catalyst [cat-back] method, additional horsepower is released, with 5%, 10% and even 15% of horsepower possible. How does the cat-back system work? By placing all the major emission components, the cat-rear system brings larger width exhaust pipes and lower limit performance mufflers to your car, resulting in lower exhaust back pressure. The deep, sore pitch created by the exhaust system is a good side benefit. Since your vehicle ‘s engine is on the air pump, the cat-back system helps to pump the engine and air without interruption.

2. Better fuel system – You get a better fuel system because the performance exhaust system allows your engine to run more efficiently, thereby consuming less fuel.

3. Longevity – Some performance exhaust systems are designed to extend the life of your car. Depending on the system you have acquired, you can install a performance exhaust system that comes with a million miles warranty.

How is that? Because, this part is made of a certain grade of stainless steel, the same grade is used to produce the aircraft! You may have to pay more for parts, but this may be the ultimate exhaust system your vehicle needs.

4. Good resale value – Good parts in your vehicle means that its value will increase. Sport versions of most models dictate the premium price compared to the standard models.


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