cream kitchen cabinets, you can add timeless elegance and endless style options to your kitchen. Cream kitchen cabinets are popular with both designers and users because they have many good qualities. Like white cabinets, cream-colored kitchen cabinets are bright, but they are not as stark as white cabinets.

Cream cabinets are warm and inviting, and they give any room a touch of depth and personality. Cream also looks great with many natural materials, like wood, stone, and brick, for a style that is both elegant and simple.

Cream is a neutral color that looks like white but is softer and warmer. It is one of many shades that are called “off-white.” Cream is more yellow than off-white, which is the same color as milk cream.


How much yellow is in a cream tone can make it look different. Yellow is a strong color in some cream paint schemes. In others, the yellow is toned down by cool colors like blue or gray.

Paint Colors That Go Well with Cream Kitchen Cabinets

When picking the right cream, you need to think about the color’s undertones, the colors around it, the light sources in the room and how they affect the color, and your own tastes.

Sherwin Williams Creamy (7012)

Creamy by Sherwin Williams is a famous cream color for all kinds of cabinetry. It is a bright off-white color with hints of pale yellow. It goes best with warm colors, but its soft undertones also work well with cool colors.


Farrow & Ball’s Winterborne White (No. 239)

Winterborne White is the perfect cream color for people who want a shade that is almost white. This color is a bright off-white with a touch of yellow. This color looks great with bright colors, but it also looks great with gray and black.

Benjamin Moore’s White Down (CC-50)

White Down is a cream color with a little bit of gray and brown in it. Because of these undertones, the color goes well with cooler colors.

Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster (7008)

Alabaster is a beautiful warm off-white or light cream color for kitchen doors. It is light enough to look white in a dark kitchen, but compared to white, it looks more like cream. This color has warm undertones, but it is well-balanced enough to work with many other colors.

Farrow & Ball’s Pointing (No. 2003)

Pointing gets its name from the lime that was used to fill the spaces between bricks in old buildings. True to its name, it has a hint of red in it, so it looks best with warm colors. This color looks better next to white, but it looks weaker next to other colors.

Benjamin Moore’s Natural Cream (OC-14) is a color.

Natural Cream is a light cream that doesn’t stand out. It is a balanced color with hints of gray. Even though it has cool undertones, this color is so well-balanced that it goes well with both cool and warm color schemes.

Farrow & Ball’s Shadow White (No. 282)

Shadow White is an off-white color with a hint of gray that looks like white in the shade. This is a color that can be used in many ways and stands out more in darker rooms. This color goes best with other colors that have a cool undertone.

Sherwin Williams’ Navajo White (6126) is a white color.

Sherwin Williams’s Navajo White is a very clear cream color with strong yellow undertones. Still, it is light enough that it doesn’t look yellow but more like an off-white. Don’t mix up the color Navajo White by Sherwin Williams with the same name by Benjamin Moore.

How to Pick a Color for Cream-Color Cabinets

It’s a big job to paint your kitchen doors. Here are six things to think about as you decide what color to paint your kitchen doors.

Coordinate with other parts of the room. If you don’t plan to change the other colors in the room, you should think about them before you choose a cream color for your cabinets. Think about the color of the walls, the appliances, the finish on the hardware, and other things like the countertops, the backsplash, and the lights. If your materials are mostly warm colors, you should choose a cream color with pink or red hues. Choose a cream color with gray, blue, or green hints for cool-colored accents.
Think about the lights – Lights can make a big difference in how a room looks and feels. If there is more natural light in a room, the colors will look brighter and less intense than if the room is dark. Also, the color of your light bulbs will give the room a warmer or cooler tone, which will change how the color cream looks.

Choose the materials for your kitchen before you choose the color of your cabinets. This tip is for homeowners who are starting from scratch when planning a kitchen. There are many beautiful shades of cream that will work for your kitchen cabinets, but there aren’t as many choices for countertops, floors, and backsplashes. Before you paint your cabinets cream, choose one of these kitchen accents. Once you’ve decided on your countertops, backsplash, and floor, you can choose a cream paint color that goes well with them.
Think about the depth of the color. Cream paints have different amounts of color and depth. Some creams only have a hint of color, while other creams have a clear color. Carefully choose the amount of color and try a sample in your kitchen. When it’s dark and the light is warm, colors with yellow hues will look more yellow. Pale creams may lose their color in rooms with a lot of windows and not have enough body to look the way you want them to.
Think about your own style. The cream color you choose should depend on how you like things to look. Traditional or classic room styles will look better with cream paints that have more yellow in them. Modern styles look better with soft colors like cream.
Choose colors that go well together. Cream goes with many other colors, but it looks best with natural colors. Think about putting cream with black, brown, gray, white, and other neutrals. Cream looks great with a wide range of blue and green colors, as well as blush pink, burnt sienna, and silver tones.
Ideas for Cream Kitchen Cabinets: A Lookbook

A kitchen with cream cabinets can be used in many different ways and styles. We’ve put together some kitchens with cream-colored cabinets so you can see how well they go with different styles.

Modern Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Cream cabinets work just as well in a modern kitchen as they do in a traditional one. For a modern classic look, you can use a simple cabinet style like the Shaker style. For a more modern look, you can use a flat panel cabinet style. In either case, cream makes a modern kitchen look warm and bright, and it gives modern white walls a small but obvious contrast.

Cabinets in cream with black Haven design and building

Your kitchen will look modern and high-end with cream cabinets with black accents. If your kitchen has cream cabinets, you might want to add dark details like dark countertops, flooring, or black handles. This makes a style that is both simple and grand.

Cabinets in cream and a mix of materials

Cream cabinets have a soft look that goes well with a wide range of other colors and materials. Think about putting together cabinet pieces that are painted cream with sections that are painted deep green, blue, gray, or black. Add beam ceilings and wood tables to your kitchen to give it depth and texture.

Cabinets in a cream color and metal accents in the kitchen

Like other neutral colors, cream goes well with a wide range of metal styles. Creams with cool tones look great with silver and chrome, while creams with warmer tones look great with gold and brushed brass. The bright undertones of cream can be brought out by brass or gold hardware, which can also give the color a rich look.