WhatsApp for iOS has received an update that allows you to pause and resume recording audio messages. This is a follow-up to the newly released voice message preview feature, which allows users to listen to and check their voice messages before sending them to contacts. WhatsApp has been upgraded to include support for iOS 15’s Focus mode.

The new features are presently available to a limited number of iPhone users, but they will be made available to all qualified customers in the coming weeks.

The instant messaging program WhatsApp for iOS version 22.5.75 now allows iPhone users to pause and resume recording audio conversations. It essentially replaces the old stop button with dynamic pause and resume buttons, which were first introduced in December as part of the voice message preview feature.

Swipe up to lock your voice recording and then hit the pause and resume keys to try out the new WhatsApp voice messaging experience.

Last October, the option to suspend voice message recordings was discovered. WhatsApp users, on the other hand, had not had access to it until today.

It’s also worth noting that the new feature is still only available to iPhone users, while users of WhatsApp for Android are still unable to pause and resume their voice message recordings.


Although the upgraded version of WhatsApp is presently available to a limited number of users, warkii.com has discovered that users on older versions of the app have begun to receive the new audio message recording experience. This indicates that the update is being implemented on the server side.


WhatsApp has taken another step toward improving the voice message experience on its app by allowing users to pause and resume their recordings. Users sending audio messages previously had access to features such as playing speed and waveforms thanks to the startup owned by Facebook parent Meta.


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