The amount of time it takes to update information is a common gripe among Salesforce users, but Weflow intends to eliminate this type of “Salesforce fatigue.”

The Berlin-based firm is working on a solution — still in private beta — that speeds up Salesforce updates and eliminates most of the tedious work that consumes salespeople’s time.

Despite the fact that 83 percent of Fortune 500 firms use the platform to boost sales productivity, many salespeople spend the majority of their time on things other than selling.

Henrik Basten and Janis Zech, both serial entrepreneurs, worked together at Fyber and saw this directly while leading revenue teams. Weflow was launched in late 2020 as a revenue workspace built on top of Salesforce’s database to assist salespeople in swiftly adding information to Salesforce records and managing their pipeline.

“People want to build a pipeline management solution that is more like Asana,” CEO Zech told TechCrunch. “What is useful, however, is that Salesforce is an open ecosystem on which you can build.” We saw folks entering their pipeline with 30 tabs open and notes strewn everywhere. We reasoned that if salesmen didn’t like it, we’d design a more current interface that would be easy to update.

Users may log in with their Salesforce account, view their pipeline, and update deals, tasks, notes, and activities with just a few clicks. Salesforce stores all of the information. Salespeople usually conduct this activity once a week and set out two or three hours for it, but Zech believes Weflow can cut that time in half.

Furthermore, the company developed a modern notepad for Salesforce that allows users to create templates so that salespeople ask the same questions and fill out the same information. A task manager is also included.

Today, the firm secured a $2.7 million pre-seed round sponsored by Cherry Ventures to help it bring its technology to market. Christian Reber, Sascha Konietzke, Chris Schagen, Alexander Ljung, Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, and Andreas Bodczek were among the angel investors who joined Cherry.

Filip Dames, a partner at Cherry Ventures, said he and the founders had known one other since Fyber, and he was “glad to be a support on this path” when they approached him with Weflow.


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