Tommee Tippee’s innovative Twist & Click Nappy Disposal System …

Find out why we love Tommee Tippee’s newest nappy disposal system after testing it out ourselves.

Leading baby brand Tommee Tippee has launched their new and innovative nappy disposal system range: the Twist & Click Advanced Disposal Nappy System. The sleek-looking item is the only nappy disposal system in the UK to individually wrap each nappy, safely sealing away germs and odours.

Having recently tried one ourselves, we were hugely impressed with the system’s ease of use and its effectiveness at keeping nappy odours at bay. Whether you’re new parents or you have a toddler still in nappies, this product is a welcome addition for making parenthood that little bit easier.

Ideal for tired parents

The Twist & Click Nappy System holds up to an impressive 30 nappies – not only making it significantly more effective than nappy sacks, but also saving tired parents endless trips to the outside bin.

Powered by Sangenic, the Twist & Click Advanced Nappy Disposal System boasts guaranteed odour and germ prevention. One simple action and each nappy is wrapped in anti-bacterial film, keeping smells and germs locked away. An in-built plunger pushes nappies deep into the bin to keep hands mess-free.

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