Ticketmaster has agreed to pay $ 10 million to make a dent in the competitors’ networks. The company and its parents agreed to hire a former employee of Live Nation from rival ticket seller Crowdsurge, and then use their knowledge – including old usernames and passwords – to find out Crowdsurge’s internal functions and “kneel” the company.

“Ticketmaster employees repeatedly and illegally – illegally – gain access to authorized computers without the use of stolen passwords to gather business intelligence,” he said. Attorney Seth Duckerme said.

“Furthermore, the ticket master’s employees shamelessly held a division-wide ‘summit’ in which the stolen passwords were used to access the victims’ company’s computers.”

Crowdsurge (merged with another company, Songkik) was charged with hacking in 2017 after it filed a lawsuit against Live Nation for antidrust violations.

According to court documents and previous reports, Live Nation hired Stephens Mead, a former Crowdsurge employee, in 2013. Then, now ticket-based executive officer Zeeshan Zaidi and other officials were encouraged to change his old employer’s secrets.

This includes creating pages with analytics for artist management companies, and getting a window into crowdsurge operations. Ticketmaster gave a “product review” of his distant young rival at the company’s summit in 2014, asking Mead to showcase his capabilities on display.

In addition to the original password theft, Mead revealed that he used protected but difficult preview links for his ticket pages. The ticket master collects a spreadsheet of each ticketing page, identifies the artists using the service and prohibits them from doing so.


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