Because it is purely fictional, the concept of the nigo concept known as “The Force” is based on some real principles. In the Star Wars movie, “Force” is often referred to by members of the Jedi sect. The warrior-priests of the Jedi Order served as the main proponents of what they considered to be the main concepts of The Force.

The concept and order are fictitious, but the principles by which the Jedi lived their lives are excellent guides to living one’s life, especially in the midst of all the chaos of the modern world. As long as the “dark side” of the Force is equal to the negative effects on one’s life rather than for evil, the principles of the Jedi Code can easily be used to live a healthier, healthier life.

Psychological trends with. Below you will find some ideas on the main principles of Jedi philosophy and how to adapt to the trials and tribulations of modern life.

There is no emotion; There is peace

Being able to control a person’s emotions is very important for the JD, because their actions should be as objective as they can be.

Fear and anxiety can have a negative impact on one’s decision making, leading to devastation in one’s life. By controlling one’s stress and anxiety, by separating them from the things that need to be done, you can find better solutions to your problems if they affect the way you analyze your anxiety situation.

This feeling is not recommended to reject one’s feelings, because doing so will lead to more anxiety disorders and psychological problems. It states that people should allow logic and analysis to guide their decisions rather than their feelings.

There is no ignorance; Wisdom.

The Jedi Order has completed a visionary career of knowledge. In support of the practice of enlightenment, he built a rich library of information on various topics and topics needed to educate and train the JD.

They also shared that knowledge so that they could better understand the people they were trying to protect. Many problems such as anxiety and fear are reduced if people take the time to understand things.

A little knowledge can help to overcome the fear and anxiety encountered when exposed to a completely foreign culture. In some cases, anxiety disorders can also be overcome by equipping one’s mind with adequate knowledge about the source of the anxiety, thereby allowing the person to better understand the problem and deal with the problem.

No passion; There is peace

Similar to the first theory, the Jedi believed it was dangerous to be too emotional about something, because it would affect one’s judgment and objectivity.

For those in their position, flirtation is important in almost all situations. The same can be said for anyone in the modern world.

Emotions and interests undermine our ability to make good decisions, as well as negatively affect our ability to recognize our mistakes and correct them for further damage.

Being calm in the face of an impossible bureaucracy can go a long way in keeping the mood stable and avoiding the “go away” situation. Until you increase your stress and anxiety by being negative, your mind will be calm and you will be able to make better decisions and see clearly what is going on in life.


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