Rise of anti-immigrant parties compounds problems for Europe’s Muslims

The seemingly unstoppable rise of anti-establishment political forces in recent years has added a new layer of complication to Europe’s immigration question.

The outcome of May’s European Parliament elections disclosed the true extent of your level of popularity of far-right, nationalist functions, all but ruling out constructive debates about the politically sensitive subject of migrants and asylum seekers likewise as the grievances of minority groups, of whom Muslims transpire for being by far the most outstanding.

The gains made by right-wing and populist nationalist get-togethers within the European Parliament elections have remaining Muslims of European countries and the (primarily Muslim) communities of migrants and refugees on uncertain floor. Within the absence of political will to have interaction using the communities involved, it can be tough to see how the EU can deal with both of those the migrant issue plus the Muslim dilemma in a truthful manner.

With the initial time in forty yrs, earlier dominant center-right and center-left blocs no more hold a greater part while in the European Parliament. Centrist functions have experienced political reverses across all member states, primarily of their standard strongholds of Germany and France. Migration has turned out to be a decisive issue – as well as the bane on the continent’s founded political functions – within the refugee crisis of 2015 the many strategy to this year’s elections.

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