Politician Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, a presidential candidate in Somalia, responded to remarks made by Fahad Yassin, the outgoing National Security Adviser to the President and former director of the National Security and Intelligence Agency.

Below is the complete text written by Abdirahman:

Intelligence work is contingent on the desired judgmental viewpoint. If dictatorial leadership is about power, wealth, energy, and time, all of these things will be invested in the dictatorship’s security.

To placate the regime and destabilize the country without it, the intelligence services spy on, harass, and vilify the opposition, threaten regime loyalists, scheme and assassinate, divide the people, mislead, and divert public opinion.

If a government is democratic, intelligence is part of the protection and defense of national security, which includes the security of citizens, government institutions, the economy, energy security, food, the environment, technology, and so on. The national security plan is created and implemented by the government. Security agencies are subject to Parliamentary monitoring and accountability. The intelligence is handled by the Presidency Ministry, not the President or the Prime Minister.

The administration and parliament never mentioned the former intelligence chief’s statement. Notify the state government. He claimed that the President’s purpose was to direct intelligence, that he was an ally, and that the measure of success made him concerned about the President’s satisfaction.

He also completed an independent test that yielded 100 percent results for his work and made no mention of slowness, failure, or infirmity. The passage confirms the rumor that their power in the country was confined to them both.

There is no evidence that NISA has spent a significant amount of time fighting opposition politicians and invading regional governments (DGs) against the Farmajo regime in the last five years, which has provided an excellent opportunity for Al Shabaab terrorists (AS) to collect taxes and extort money from the public in broad daylight.

Businesses, ports, airports, the Bakaaro market, real estate, and non-governmental organizations all pay taxes. The bomber detonated his device in front of a mob of demonstrators shortly after noon. They founded a clan and named it Naqib, who is the clan’s representative in Al Shabaab. The AS, which indirectly controls Mogadishu, summed up the bombings by saying, “We are still alive, and we are in danger of those who refuse to pay taxes or extortion?”

It is apparent that former President Farmajo held the command and the plan because the former Commander stated that the NISA-guided plan belonged to him.

1- Qalbidhagax was given over to Ethiopia.
2- The NISA launched an attack on the Wadajir party’s headquarters.
3- The hotel where the two presidents and the previous speaker of parliament were staying was attacked.
4- Mukhtar Rooboowa’s assassination
5- While demonstrating, the people and other leaders were attacked.
6- The speaker’s military power was removed, as was the other’s.
7- The Somali boys kidnapped in Qatar and transported to the Tigrean war
8- Ikraan Tahlil’s assassination and obstruction of justice
9- Assassination attempt on Prime Minister Roble.
10- Attempts to abduct Jubbaland’s President with the help of commandos from another regime.

Because of the public’s mistrust of NISA, there is no differentiation between the two commanders of AS and NISA, and the phrase KALA MAAN, which reflected the buzz, was “no doubt two al-Shabaab will work together.”

What are you going to do with a District Commissioner who is clearly a target for Al Shabaab when you can serve as a security guard who is directly tied to a commander who has vast authority and assets?

Solipsism is a philosophical concept in which what you have in mind is real, but it doesn’t matter to anyone else. It’s like saying, “That year in Somalia was the best because he knew why.”

You happen to violate other people’s minds because only what is on your mind is right, and I say

“A country that we trained 30 years ago, one of the 30 countries that did not collapse as a government, is still looking for us to train.”

You can also use the phrase

“Somalia boasts Africa’s highest intelligence, with a son and his mother working together, yet its capital is the most unstable.”
You can also use the phrase

“Despite having a patriotic president, the greatest African army, and the world’s most deadly intelligence, Somalia was unable to prevent the country from falling.” “I am the top student in school, but I failed the exam because the teachers despise me,” it’s like stating. In addition, Somalia foiled a foreign plot.

However, Farmajo’s campaign advertising is never mentioned in the story, so please remember me. When you are the most talked about person, you have a significant impact; yet, when your tower falls apart and you have no one to look after you, you develop an illness known as “Loss.” You must also demonstrate your worth by returning to the basics.


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