NASDAQ Backed DEFI Crypto Set to Explode in 2021

Decentralized finance has taken off this year, but its bubble popped at the end of the summer. Currently, $13.71B is locked up in DeFi projects. Unfortunately, decentralized finance projects are full of scams. This makes it EXTREMELY important for DeFi projects to have transparency. Find out how today’s DeFi project has the ULTIMATE transparency.

xSigma is one of the most promising DeFi gems I have seen thus far. It is the first DeFi project to have the backing of a NASDAQ public company. It is backed by ZKIN, giving it the right leadership team to guide them through the DeFi world. Today I’ll tell you all you need to know about xSigma and why I believe it could be the next DeFi project to invest in.

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0:00- Intro
1:33- xSigma
2:26- The Team
3:26- DEFI protocol
4:40- Weakness of DEFI
5:55- DAO
6:50- Governance

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