How the humble banana became the latest go-to healthy ingredient

How the humble banana grew to be the present day go-to healthy ingredient As the most generally consumed fruit in the U.S., bananas are about as distinguished as a loaf of wonder bread.

sure, they’re excellent for a rapid post-workout chew, but wonderful? not so much. on the subject of ultra-modern foods, bananas have maintained their normal reputation whilst the wellbeing world waxes about avocado, candy potato, and chickpeas.

(Which, to be reasonable, are beautiful normal themselves.) but alas, sooner or later, the common-or-garden banana is having its time in the sun. recently, innovative meals startups have been turning to bananas to be a healthy base for the whole lot from milk to pasta. Yep, pasta.

different methods ‘nanas are stoning up: as healthy “chips”, jerky, dessert bars, and even a cocktail topper.

right here brand founders reveal what makes bananas such an attractive ingredient—I swear, that’s the last banana pun—and a registered dietitian weighs in on if the trend is as healthful as it sounds.

One fruit, plenty of uses The apparent motive why bananas are an convenient win for manufacturers is given that they’re plant-situated—basically a have to in this day and age—and tremendous low-priced.

however Andrew Kinnear, the founder of non-dairy frozen banana dessert corporation Yellofruit, facets to two other motives why it’s one of these priceless ingredient: consistency and taste.

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