Google’s first smart speaker is the successor to Google Home’s Nest Audio, and a lot has happened in the world of smart speakers in the four years since that product was launched.

During that time we saw many other speakers and smart displays from Google, a name change designed to integrate those products with Nest branding‌, and – other brands that have Google Assistant integration smart speaker‌.

This does not mean that Google will release a new product, it will need to be restored to older models and be compatible with existing products – Nest Audio has a whole host of products similar to those of brands like Harmon Cordon, Sonos Hogi, LG, JBL And more – these are brands that know what they are doing when it comes to home audio.

The audio quality with this product may be the reason why Google is at the forefront – so much so that it embodies ‘audio’ in the new speaker name. So it was even more frustrating that the sound quality didn’t really live up to our expectations.


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