Google Maps Increases Visibility of Wheelchair-Friendly …

Google is currently releasing an update to Google Maps that will make it easier for wheelchair users to access locations.

By enabling the app’s Accessibility Places feature, users can benefit from the visibility of businesses and places of interest on a map marked as wheelchairs, whether in accessible seating, bathroom facilities, or in a wheelchair accessible parking space.

Accessibility information to be hidden in the Maps interface has been around for some time, but Google wants to make it clear to users that it is available:

People can now implement “secondary schemes”, which apply to information at that time, mainly GOOGLE maps.

When different schemes are activated, the WHEELCHAIR symbol is reported as a different number and you can use one space, SEATIBLE SEATS, RESTOMOMS or PARKING. If it is connected to a place, there is no uniform entry, then we also get information on maps.

Here’s how to enable the Access Location feature:

Launch Google Maps on your iOS device.
Tap your profile icon in the top right corner.
Tap Configuration.
Select Access.
Enable accessible locations.
Once this is done, users should see the wheelchair icon next to any location with accessible features. Touch the space to see more information.

Google is also releasing an update that allows people using iOS devices to easily access access information. This guide has tips for rating access, and users don’t know if they feel “accessible.”
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