Google Launches a Free Course on Artificial Intelligence: Sign …

Google has launched a free training course in 17 languages ​​to teach journalists around the world, impacting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on their careers.

In a global poll conducted by Google last year about the use of AI by news organizations, most respondents need to educate and train their newsrooms about the possibilities offered by machine learning and other AI-based technologies. Turn on the light.

“Improving AI literacy is seen as crucial to changing the culture and understanding of new tools and systems,” said Matia Peretti, who runs the program called JournalismAI.

Journalism is building this new training course in collaboration with VRT News and Google News Initiative (GNI). He believes that large newsrooms embrace technology and generate ideas and expertise for AI projects, with good results.

“This introduction to machine learning is designed for journalists and journalists and helps answer such questions as: What is machine learning? How do you train a machine learning model? What can journalists and news organizations do with this and why is it important to use it responsibly? “Google said.

The course is available in 17 different languages ​​at the Google News Initiative Training Center. By logging in, you can track your progress and get a certificate after completing the course. The training center has a number of other courses that help journalists search, verify, and tell online news.