Having the right furniture is a big part of having a good time in the yard or on the patio. But a new set of good-quality outdoor furniture can cost a lot. But there is a better way that is both cheap and creative. Pallet furniture is an interesting idea that is becoming more and more popular. It’s not hard to make them, and most importantly, it doesn’t cost much. Do you want to make something different? Check it! We’ve put together everything you need to know.

Why is DIY furniture made from pallets so popular?

People are making more and more furniture out of boards. The best thing about this answer is that it is so cheap. Most manufacturers charge a lot for similar furniture that can be bought in a store. But all you need is a little imagination and a few pallets to make interesting and unique furniture.

The latest trends say that furniture you make yourself is a smart way to decorate your home. For more and more people, recycling and upcycling are important parts of their daily lives. Both of these styles can be seen in pallet furniture. Using colours to make things is a good idea for many reasons. Most important is that they are very inexpensive.


If you already have boards that were used to store things, the cost of making furniture out of them will only cover a few small items. You can also find cheap pallets in manufacturing areas, grocery stores, and wholesalers.

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Why does it make sense to make furniture out of pallets?

Even though most boards aren’t made of high-quality wood, they are strong and hard to break. So, wooden box projects are strong, and the furniture made from them will last a long time. The material is light and kind to the environment. Stylish and beautiful furniture can be made from pallets if they are put together well. A Scandinavian or simple style goes well with a table or bench made from pallets.

Pallet furniture for your yard. What are the best palettes?


Wooden boxes that are used to move things are often left over after building materials have been used. If you buy them with building supplies, they are basically free. You could also look for pallets in grocery stores, small shops, and industry areas. They don’t cost very much. A good idea is to look at auction websites, where you can buy boxes even cheaper than in a store.

When you’re looking for pallet ideas and DIY furniture projects, think about how big the things are. There are many different kinds of panels, and each one comes in a different size. Most of them look like:

• The most common type is the EUR box. Its measurements are 1200x800x144 mm. A single europallet weighs 25 kilogrammes.

• The ISO Palette is a palette with only one layer. Its measurements are 120x100x14.4 cm.

• ½ pallet – its measurements are 800×600×144 mm. Small pieces of furniture can be made with it.

Euro pallets are the most popular choice for pallet furniture because they are the same size everywhere and are very strong. They are made of wood that has been stained and heated. But DIY projects can be made with any kind of wooden box.

Make sure the boxes you pick aren’t broken, and get the right ones ready. If you choose palettes from more than one place, make sure to pick parts that are the same kind.

How do I make furniture out of pallets?

Before you start your job with pallet wood, you need to make sure you have the right tools and materials. You will need these things in addition to the palettes:

• sanding tool with 80-100 grit sandpaper for the first sanding and 200 grit sandpaper for smoothing the surface,

• a drill with screws,

• wood glue to patch up holes in wood;

• wood preserver,

• paint for wood (if you want a certain colour for the furniture),

• brush and roller sets for painting,

• Extra things, like wheels, glass tables, pillows, blankets, and beds.

How to make furniture out of pallets, step by step

Before you start making furniture out of pallets, you need a good plan. Check the size of the space where the furniture will go. To keep from cutting, your pallet cabinet should be the same size as a crate.

It’s good that the length of a palette is a multiple of the size of the finished piece. So, if you want to make it longer, you can just add a new piece to the side. A piece of furniture is generally two pallets tall, which is the standard height. Just add another layer of pallet to make the piece higher.

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After making a complete project plan that includes the number of pallets you will need, you need to prepare the pallets:

• You have to fix any damage. Take out the bad parts and use a wood adhesive to fill in the holes and dings.

• Use the tool for grinding to smooth out the rough surface and get rid of any chips. Make sure the palette is well-ground so that there are no rough or sharp parts. Fill any holes with the glue that was stated. Take out or hammer in any nails that stick out of the wood.

• Remove the dust from the blades and put the wood sealant on the surface. After it dries, you can paint or varnish the boards.

If the things are dry, you can start putting them together. Use nuts, angles, and flat bars to do this. Put the pieces together where they won’t be seen, like on the bottom and sides of a palette. You can give the tables wheels so that they are easy to move. You can also add things to decorate with, like pillows and beds.

Pallet furniture ideas

You can use pallets to make a lot of different things for your yard. Pallet tables are the most usual thing. They are easy to make—all you have to do is stack one box on top of another and screw them together. Adding a glass table is a good idea. Find more ideas for furniture made from pallets below:

• Lounge Chair: Usually, you’ll need two pallets for this job. You can change how long the seat is and how steep the chair is.

Most of the time, three boards are enough for an armchair. For these kinds of projects with pallet wood, it’s best to use smaller boards.

• Make a swing by building a seat out of boards and attaching it to a good structure, like between two trees.

• Make a flower stand or a vertical garden in a flower bed. To make the second one, cover the trowel’s bottom and the side that can’t be seen with yard aluminium foil. Fill the holes with dirt and put flowers in them. When the roots are long enough, you can stand the trowel up.

These are just a few ideas for using pallets to make outdoor furniture. The Internet is a good place to find more ideas. There are many lessons that show you how to do something step by step.

Pallet Bench – DIY Furniture

It’s easy to make a simple bench out of pallets. Only three colours are needed. It doesn’t matter what size it is. Use the one that fits your needs. Cut one of the pallets in half along the boards’ length. One piece will be the back, and the boards on the other will be used to hold it in place.

After levelling the surface and covering it with a preservative, put one full pallet on top of the other. Put three boards in the back seat and tie them together. Make sure each board is the same length by cutting it. Then all you need to do is attach the backrest to the seat. Putting a mattress of the right length on the seat of the wood bench will make it more comfortable to sit on.

Garden furniture is a good way to get low-cost and environmentally friendly furniture. It can be used in a yard, on a patio, or on a balcony. You can even make a whole bed out of pallets. It’s easy to make furniture out of pallets, so it’s worth a try. Pallet furniture is a good way to add style to a yard.

Check out what other ways you can decorate your balcony. Make a place for yourself where you can unwind.

Pallet furniture from a store is a practical alternative.

We have a solution for you if you don’t have time for DIY projects but still want beautiful pallet furniture in your yard. You just need to buy box furniture that is already made. DIY manufacturers and professional manufacturers both make them. So, you can easily choose tried-and-true planning tools to make your garden a surprise for anyone who comes to see it.

Where can you find palettes?

You can try to get pallets for free or cheaply in supermarkets, small shops, and industrial places. You can also look at websites where cheap lollipops are sold.

How to make furniture out of pallets?

A small table is the most simple piece of outdoor furniture to make. All you need are two or more pallets, depending on how big you want the table to be. Put the boxes on top of each other and screw them together. You can add wheels and a glass top to the furniture to make it more useful.

How to put a price on furniture made from pallets?

The price of a piece of furniture you make yourself varies on many things, like how much the materials cost, how long it takes to make, and how much it sells for on the market. All of these things need to be taken into account when buying pallet furniture.