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On today’s episode of Your Daily Crypto News, we take a look at another boring day on the markets. There doesn’t seem to be anything that can take us out of this $7400-$7800 zone. However, some TAs believe that BTC has hit a “triple bounce” and we could be moving upwards soon. In the news, we look at the VeChain launch and bug bounty program, Oyster PRL has a new CEO who will be working on marketing the project, IOTA speaks at CEBIT, Request Network provides some updates, BitThumb cleared of any wrongdoing, Dent reaches 1 million users, and an Andy Warhol painting is going to be sold on the Ethereum blockchain.


3:15 VeChain:
4:16 Oyster PRL:
4:48 IOTA:
5:55 Request Network:
7:00 BitThumb:
7:40 Dent:
8:25 Art on Blockchain:


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