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ClickBank is a well known platform for sellers and affiliate marketers to make money online for years. They launched the first version of Clickbank University in 2017 and 3 years later they upgraded it to 2.0.

In this Clickbank University 2.0 review, I can tell you that even though they are the best known company in the market, they don’t tell you anything.

I think this is very important for whoever wants to invest…

(If you want to know what CBU 2.0 is upside down for you, you need to read until the end!)

Summary: To help people create their own digital products, Clickbank University 2.0 has solid curriculum with useful tools to market and make money on Clickbank. They have a set of courses to guide people in affiliate marketing, but the information is limited and outdated. In addition, the CBU has an undisclosed high-ticket upsell for you. So, take care!

Clickbank University 2.0 is an enhanced version of the online course series that helps sellers and affiliate marketers use Clickbank and earn money online.

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, you should know that Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate markets to sell digital products.

However, the main focus of Clickbank University is to teach people how to build their own digital products for sale on Clickbank.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from CBU 2.0 …
8 weeks training on affiliate marketing
As I mentioned, there are two main components to their training in CBU 2.0. One of them is this 8-week course that teaches people to associate and promote the product of others at Clickbank.

Therefore, you do not have to create your own product and you have to promote the product of others and earn affiliate commissions only.

(If you like, you may be interested in this course.)

However, the problem with CBU 2.0 is that they place too little emphasis on the affiliate marketing component. So I would say below average that the training here is only good or the information provided is very limited and not updated.

12 weeks training for vendors
On the other hand, they place more emphasis on training to help marketers create their own digital products to sell online.

The training here is very extensive and enlightening. They cover a wide range of topics:

Thinking and researching which niche to go for and what products to make
How to create a customer avatar
How to create a digital product
How to create a landing page / squeeze page
How to build a sales funnel
How to drive traffic to your landing page
How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Product
How to Increase Your Clickbank Business…
So, if you have some experience / knowledge to share with the world and are interested in creating your own product, then I would recommend Clickbank University 2.0 because you need a lot of knowledge and learn from them.

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