BitMex vs BitYard (Leverage Trading Knockout)

BitMex has been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. BitYard is a new competitor trying to make a name for itself. Does BitMex stand a chance?

BitMex’s engine has been going down and leaving traders stuck in the process. Leverage trading is complex but BitYard keeps it easy. For starters, BitYard’s website is easy to navigate.

As a beginner trader, you need to be careful. Stay safe. Use stop losses. Keep it simple. BitYard is great for beginners. Watch and decide for yourself which platform you like better.

Sign Up for BitYard ➡️ http://BitYard.BitBoy.Live

BYD is the platform token issued by Bityard. The total supply is 210 million, there are 10.24 million BYD tokens circulating in this promotion. Each account will receive 6 BYD after account activation and up to 16 BYD totally.

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