Web-based podcast hosting services streamline the process of disseminating your podcast. To reach a larger audience, it is essential to host your podcast on a solid platform.

A podcast host serves as both a repository for your episodes and a distribution hub for them once they’ve been uploaded. You can use a website instead, but it will take more time and effort to set up. Selecting a podcast host that is focused just on podcasts and offers useful analytics and monetization options is preferable. The ability to expand your audience and generate revenue from your podcast is greatly enhanced by using a high-quality hosting platform.

To assist you in making the best choice, we have reviewed the 11 best podcast hosting sites of 2023.

The Definition of Podcast Host.
Sites dedicated to podcast hosting allow you to publish your podcast for others to access, listen to, and subscribe to. If you’re worried about the time, money, or other resources required to save your media files online, a podcast host will do it for you.

What Use Is a Podcast Hosting Site to Me?
Your podcast’s RSS feed is a URL that will allow you to distribute it to other directories and platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

You won’t have to worry about bandwidth, storage, or playback speed as you would if you hosted your podcast on your own website, as these services are tailored specifically to podcast hosting. No need to reduce the quality of the audio you’ve laboriously recorded with software like Riverside unless the podcast hosting platform’s cost is tiered by storage space.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Podcast Host
There is no shortage of excellent podcast hosting providers on the web; however, it is important to select a host whose capabilities are well suited to your podcast’s specific requirements. And you certainly don’t want to pay too much for features that you’ll never activate. Think about the following criteria when choosing a podcast hosting service for your show’s episodes:

How much data may be stored on the server is a key feature of any hosting service. To keep up with regular uploads and lengthier episodes, you’ll require a host with more space.
How many people can listen to your podcast simultaneously is determined by the available bandwidth. More data transfer capacity is required for a wider audience.
Listener and download podcast statistics can help you determine what is working and what needs to be changed in your podcasts.
You should look for a podcasting platform that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time learning the ropes.
Most podcast hosting services will allow you to submit your podcast to a number of different podcast directories. Verify that all necessary folders are included, and simplify the procedure if possible.
Go to our blog post “What Should You Consider When Selecting a Podcast Hosting Platform?” for a comprehensive look at the topic.

The Eleven Top Podcast Hosts of 2023 (Both Free and Paid)
Are you prepared to view the best hosting providers? Watch the video and keep reading to learn about the 11 top podcast hosting sites.

Ideal for Novices and Serious Amateurs

Buzzspout, which debuted in 2009, is ideal for amateur and novice podcasters because to its user-friendliness and low cost (including a free plan). You can unlock a plethora of features for an additional cost.


You can either utilise Buzzsprout to host your individualised site under your own domain name, or you can install their player plugin into your WordPress site.
Regular submission to podcast indexes is handled mechanically.
Services for converting speech to text (additional charge)
To ensure that your audio files conform to Apple Podcasts’ standards, you can take use of Magic Mastering (for an extra fee). In addition to eliminating unwanted sounds and balancing out the volume of the microphone, this programme performs the same functions as Riverside’s Editor, but at no cost to the user.
Buzzsprout’s episode optimization features include automatic file type, bitrate, ID3 tag, and titling conversions.
Extend the length of every episode with dynamic pre-roll and post-roll videos.
Release podcasts instantly or at a later time.
Stronger than average analytics.
Affiliate marketing is a means of monetization.
Options are available for no cost or as little as $12 per month.

Price from Buzzsprout
While Buzzsprout’s pricing is reasonable depending on the amount of audio content posted, there are upload caps on all tiers and the price doesn’t cover everything (for example, Magic Mastering or extra uploads would cost you more). There’s a free tier that includes commercials and a certain number of hosted episodes before you have to upgrade.


Very simple to use; simply add your podcast file and they’ll take care of the rest.
Provide a wide range of options for expanding and monetizing your podcast.
Non-binding month-to-month contracts.
All plans have access to detailed metrics about your podcast’s audience size.

Both paid and unpaid plans include data caps.
It’s difficult to get an accurate price because the pricing plans don’t cover everything and there are so many extras.
Ideal for those who need a podcast provider that can do it all.

With more than 500,000 podcasts hosted and 10 years of experience, Podbean is a top contender among podcast hosting services.


Plans that have unrestricted storage space and transfer capacity for podcasts.
Choose one of the many available WordPress themes, or embed the media player directly onto your website.
Using these podcast promotion tools, your episodes will be sent immediately to the most popular podcast directories and social media platforms.
Subscriptions and ad insertion using dynamic data are two examples of how the advertising market may help content creators make money.
Create your own podcasting app for iOS and Android.
Plans start at $9/month and are available above the free tier.

Podbean Costs
If you’re just getting started with podcasting, Podbean’s free plan is a suitable choice due to its restricted capabilities and storage space. For video podcasts and those looking to monetize their programme, however, the Unlimited Plus plan is your best bet.


Podbean’s platform features excellent design tools that allow you to construct a stunning, unique website.
Many options for both novice and experienced podcasters.
Simple in operation.
Podcast hosting service with a solid track record.

The free plan provides few options, whereas the paid plans offer the most in-demand functions.
Podbean’s customer service has been called sluggish by some of its users.
Learn more here: How to Use and Evaluate the Podcast Hosting Service Podbean
Thirdly, a blubbering mess
Blubrry is the top platform for hosting podcasts.
The Finest for High-Level Analyses

In particular, Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin and IAB-certified podcast analytics make it the perfect choice for producers looking for a seasoned, customer-focused podcast hosting platform.


Build your own free WordPress site and add the most popular plugin for podcasters, PowerPress.
Enhancement for submission to the most prominent indexes and social media platforms.
The figures are verified by the IAB.
Support staff available by telephone
Pricing: Starting at only $10/month

Awful, overpriced
Price is determined by the size of the uploaded file. But, the Pro version also has certain more features, such as more in-depth data. Blubrry’s plans are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. Their base plan is more expensive than competitors’ unlimited plans and there is no free option.


A very helpful customer service department.
Conforming statistics thanks to IAB accreditation.
Quick and easy to use.

A more expensive range.
Short on space?
Advanced analytics incur an additional fee.
Learn more here: An Overview of Blubrry, a Podcast Host with All the Necessary Features
#4: Circuit breaker (formerly Smart Podcast Player)
Diagram of a fuse box
Websites that host podcasts are the most suitable.

For those who simply want a sleek embeddable podcast player, Fusebox is the way to go. It was developed by podcasters (including Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn) for podcasters.


Several player embedding choices for websites.
Easily integrate podcast transcripts into your website’s content with this live text transcription plugin, optimised for search engines.
distributes your podcast to major indexes.
Plan prices start at $15.83 per month (or you can use the free version).

A Look at the Cost of a Fuxebox
Pricing is calculated on a per-month basis for the number of page views. Fusebox’s primary strength is the ability to embed media players on your website, although the free version has very few player alternatives to choose from.


Players that are seamlessly integrated into your site’s design and offer a wide range of playback options.
Connecting to the best directories is a breeze.

Zero analytics.
On the free tier, you can only use the most fundamental player.
Fifth, set an anchor

Anchor Ideal for Novices and Amateurs

Given its lack of cost, Anchor provides a wealth of useful functions. The platform caters to newcomers by providing an intuitive interface. It can be used on computers and mobile phones, and it even has a remote recording software for making podcasts on the road. The best part, though, is that Anchor is compatible with Riverside, allowing for a streamlined video podcast production process. Just create your high-quality video podcasts on Riverside, and then use Anchor to upload them to Spotify and other podcast sites. Create your own podcast and see how easy it is to learn more here.


Stats on how many people are listening to your podcast and how well it’s doing
Methods of making money: Access to podcasts via subscription and monetary support, as well as ad-reading software
Commercials for the “Ambassador” programme of podcast production, in which one is partnered with a sponsoring app in order to record with distant guests
Tool for basic arrangement of episode segments
Compatibility with the music streaming service Spotify
Making a cover has never been easier with this handy app.
Streamlined processes with the help of Riverside integration.
Without a cost to the customer

As we’ve already established, using Anchor won’t cost you a dime. Because one of its core beliefs is that everyone should be able to enjoy podcasts, it has achieved this level of success.


A wide variety of functions, especially for being free
Suitable for use with audio and video podcasts
Podcast production and dissemination are simplified.
Comprehensive analytics and data collection

One podcast per user account maximum.
Weak options for making and altering content
Sixth, SoundCloud
Quality Podcast Host that you can trust
Favorable Conditions for Exploration and Development

Sounder was developed for podcasters who desire a unified platform to manage all aspects of their podcast, including episode pages, hosting, distribution to major podcast directories, and monetization. Sounder’s strong search engine optimization (SEO) tools reflect the app’s primary focus on discoverability.


Audio The combination of search engine optimization and real-time audio indexing.
Make short snippets of the episode’s audio that can be shared.
Episodes are transcribed for free.
Pages for podcasts and individual episodes.
Working together in a group of people.
Profitable options: host-read advertisements made possible with dynamic ad inserts (saves you spending time researching sponsors).
Instantaneous YouTube uploading (not free plan).
When to air episodes (not free plan).
Plans start at at $10.39 per month for the premium tier.

More reasonable costs
All of its products are priced according to a maximum number of streams. More collaborators and higher quality assistance are only two of the perks included in the more expensive options.

If you’re just getting started with podcasting, the free plan on Sounder.fm provides everything you need—including adverts on your pages. Additionally, if you pay for a year in advance, you may save 20% off the monthly rate and get access to even more features.


Superior Search Engine Optimization capabilities, perfect for raising visibility.
100% satisfaction guarantee with our customer service team.
Very polished episode-specific and overall podcast website designs.
The number of podcasts, streams, and contributors can all be increased indefinitely.
Listeners’ interests can be gleaned through sophisticated analytics.

Your podcast website will feature advertisements, just like most free plans.
Learn more here: Sounder.fm Presenter of a Podcast: Analysis and Discussion
RedCircle 7.
RedCircle is the top website for hosting podcasts.
Perfect when: Monetization

RedCircle claims to be a free podcast hosting platform, but in reality, it’s built to help you make money off your podcast (that’s how they make their money!).


Everyone can enjoy unrestricted uploading and streaming at no cost.
Control all of your podcasts from one convenient location.
Submit to all of the major indexes.
Integrated app-market for promotional exchanges.
Control over ad placement, rotation, and category is available for dynamic ad insertion.
The ability to set up a subscription and donation system similar to Patreon.
Stripe facilitates speedy bank transfer of funds.
Plans start at $9/month (or are free if you choose)

Rates determined by the RedCircle system
Distinct from the pricing structures of competing podcast hosting services. All users have free access to RedCircle’s limitless hosting and streaming services; it’s only when you want to make money or use analytics that you have to pay.


There is no long-term commitment required, and you only pay a percentage of your earnings when you do.
Advertisements, memberships, and promotional partnerships are just a few of the many methods available to you.
How to expand your podcast audience without joining an existing network.

Very little data analysis beyond downloads, sales, and ad money.
Learn more here: Guide to RedCircle and Review of the Game 8. Presenting the Captivate Captivate Control Panel for Podcasting
Ideal for: Making Money

Captivate, one of the newest podcast hosting platforms, is ideal for podcasters who want to monetize their content and live in the United Kingdom.


In-depth analyses that don’t require a degree in mathematics to grasp.
Pre-installed call-to-action buttons to help guide readers in the desired direction.
The team size is not limited.
Making money: individual podcast hosting included in all subscription tiers.
Schedule your podcasts whenever you choose.
Their unique plugin is made to work with WordPress.
Simple PDF sponsorship kit to distribute for your podcast.
Pricing: Pricing begins at $17/month

Add some charm to your prices
Captivate’s personal package starts at roughly $17 and includes unlimited podcasts and storage but has a download cap. You can try it out for free for a week.


The podcast player and website look great.
The majority of functionality is available across all pricing tiers.
Important in attracting patrons is a sponsorship package that features prominently featured episodes from recently and important download statistics.
The frequency of feature upgrades depends on the input received from users.
The figures are verified by the IAB.

Costs rise after the first 12,000 downloads if you don’t want to be capped.
Learn more here: Captivate.fm Presenter of a Podcast: Analysis and Discussion
Number Nine: A Transistor
Site summary for the Transistor podcasting host
Networks and Experts Benefit Most from Transistors.

Transistor is a recent podcast hosting platform that caters to creators who want to host several episodes from the same location. Podcasts like “Cards Against Humanity” and “Indie Hackers,” both recorded with Riverside, use it as their host of choice.


We offer unlimited podcast hosting with all of our options.
Stronger than average analytics.
Inserting a WordPress plugin or having your site hosted by them.
Control several shows at once.
Capability for multiple logins (e.g. producers and editors).
Pricing: Fees as low as $19 per month

Transistor Costs
Transistor’s entry-level plan is more expensive than that of several competitors and has download caps, forcing you to upgrade as your podcast audience increases. There is a free trial for 14 days and price reductions for paying yearly.


The interface is straightforward and simple to use.
You can publish as many podcasts as you like on your server, regardless of your plan’s price.
Public and private podcasts have excellent monetization prospects.
Excellent for teamwork because of the ability to add additional users.

There are only so many downloads available.
Costly if you don’t use the ability to download numerous podcasts at once.
Learn more here: Transistor.fm Review and Tutorial on the Libsyn Podcasting Platform (10th Overall)
Companies and Networks are the Ideal Audiences

Libsyn was one of the first podcast hosts available, and it continues to enjoy widespread support from both commercial corporations and independent podcast networks.


Reports and analytics that are only the bare minimum.
Enhanced features and content available at a higher price per month
Automated creation of RSS feeds and submission of podcasts to any and all relevant directories and platforms.
With their very own app (advanced plans only).
Designed with businesses in mind.
Pricing: Starting at just $5, these plans are a steal.

Libsyn’s pricing
Libsyn offers affordable pricing based on storage constraints, but all plans include an unlimited number of listeners. Statistics are not included in the base plan ($2 per month more). They offer all of their professional features and up to 3000MB of storage for an affordable enterprise price, making them perfect for podcast networks.


Thousands upon thousands of satisfied buyers.
Insightful data reports (with higher-tier plans).

Although they’re cheap on the surface, the lower-tier plans’ features and storage space are severely restricted (50MB = approximately 50 minutes of audio).
Learn more here: Guide to Libsyn as a Podcast Host: A Review
No. 11: Simplecast
When it comes to podcast hosting, Easy Cast is among the top options.
Professionals and Business Networks

Professional podcasters or podcast networks searching for a hosting platform with the best-looking embedded players and comprehensive analytics should look no farther than Simplecast.


The number of uploads is not restricted.
Stronger than average analytics.
Every plan, no matter how basic, comes with a bespoke website and domain name.
Many individuals can utilise it at once.
Take charge of several events with just one login.

Simplecast’s Pricing Structure for Podcast Hosts

Each and every one of Simplecast’s pricing tiers comes with limitless storage space. There is an annual payment reduction and a free trial period of two weeks.



Used by both large (Slack, Shopify) and small podcasters.
Equipment to help you spread the word about your podcast.
Bigger podcasts can take advantage of our enterprise pricing.


The bare bones of analytics for the cheapest possible subscription.
For more, click here: Review and Tutorial of the Simplecast Podcast Host
At the 12th spot is Omny Studio.
Overview of the OmnyStudio System
Studio Omny

Companies and Networks are the Ideal Audiences

The robust capabilities and hefty cost of Omny Studio’s podcast hosting for businesses are indicative of its target audience. Used by some of the most popular radio stations and podcast distribution services in the world.


Save as many episodes as you like, forever, and in complete safety.
Whether you want to upload numerous episodes at once or import an RSS feed, it’s easy to do so.
Take charge of a plethora of programmes while juggling numerous partners and access levels.
Collection that can be sorted and retrieved with ease.
You may embed it on Facebook and Twitter or share it on your own website.
Simple software for editing podcasts.
Ad campaign management with geotargeting already included.
Data science endorsed by the IAB.
Prices begin at $29/month.

Market-based pricing
Their most basic service for businesses is about $29 per month. While there is a free two-week trial, podcast networks or those producing several shows should look elsewhere.


Search, batch upload, and rapid switching between shows on one single dashboard, etc., are all time-savers for large organisations with enormous archives of podcast files.
Ad campaigns that can be tailored to different sponsorship tiers and ad formats.
Download numbers for podcasts are very impressive.

Expensive; not a good choice for casual or amateur podcasters.

To learn more, have a look at this: A Review and Tour of the Podcast Hosting Service OmnyStudio.
What do you consider to be the best podcast hosting site?
Choosing a good podcast host can simplify production, open doors for promotion and monetization, and increase the overall quality of your show. There are a variety of options for podcast hosting, so you may find one that works for your side project, your network, or your goal of increasing your podcast’s visibility.

Keep your show’s specific needs in mind when you evaluate podcast hosting services to choose the right one for your podcast. Check out this post from Riverside on what to look for in a podcast hosting service, and then use that information to narrow down your options.

Questions Answered About the Top Podcasting Hosts & Tools
Which is the most reliable free service for hosting podcasts?
For those just starting out and seeking for a free podcast host, some of the finest choices are:

Buzzsprout \sPodbean \sBlubrry \sFudebox \sAnchor \sSound.fm
Libsyn Simplecast Omny Studio RedCircle Captivate
Our Free Podcast Hosting Guide explains all of them in depth.

If you want to start a podcast, how much do you expect to pay for hosting?
The cost of podcast hosting fluctuates based on factors including the type of platform and subscription package you choose. For those curious yet unsure, many hosting providers offer free options. Nevertheless, if you go for a paid hosting service, you can anticipate monthly costs anywhere from $15 up to $100.

I need a place to upload my podcast episodes.
You can use a third-party hosting service or your own website to distribute podcast episodes. The choice of a hosting platform is still recommended. A podcast website setup is more involved than it first appears. In order to host a podcast, a website would need to store a huge amount of data. Hosting solutions designed specifically for podcasts provide this and other benefits. If you’re looking for a good place to host your podcast, check out the ones we’ve listed above.


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