Become an Ethereum Millionaire (Turn $800 into $1 Million)

Most people interested in cryptocurrency are interested for one reason and one reason only: life-changing gains that produce financial freedom. This allows you to retire early and for many of you, for the first time ever, get a girlfriend. But the truth is, many of the people who are reaping these benefits already bought into crypto a while back. But have you missed the opportunity to become a Millionaire in crypto? Can Ethereum still make you a millionaire or did you miss out?

Is it too late to buy Ethereum? In today’s video, we’re talking all about the coin that just hit all-time highs. We’ll talk about the price of Ethereum and where I think it is headed in the near future, as well as the long term. I’ll also teach you a few cryptocurrency strategies that can make you a millionaire. I’ll tell you about a guy who turned $800 into $1 Million.

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0:00- Intro
2:24- Ethereum
4:18- Projects to Watch
5:04- Likely Path of ETH
7:21- DeFi
9:32- Best Way to Build
10:30- Razor’s Edge

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