Altcoin & Crypto News: End of ICOs? | $STRAT $WTC $EOS $NANO $TRX $OCN

In today’s episode of Your Daily Crypto News, BitBoy is back at home with his regular equipment. Glad to be back! However, the markets aren’t making me feel right at home. Another day of red. Surely to goodness we are getting near a bottom. In the news, are we going to see the end of ICOs soon? In altcoin news, we look at Stratis getting some publicity via a racecar, Waltonchain partnering with a fashion company, EOS takes the top of the new Chinese crypto rankings, the Nano Wallet is available for iOS, Tron gets accused of plagiarism, Odyssey Coin adds an exchange to their roadmap, & Akon looks to build Wakanda with Akoin.


Timestamps & Links
3:35 ICOs:
4:35 Stratis:
5:57 Waltonchain:
7:04 EOS/China Rankings:
8:21 Nano Wallet:
9:18 Tron:
10:52 Odyssey Coin:


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