#1 Moonshot of ALL TIME (Top Crypto Gem EVER 2021)

The 2nd DeFi wave is starting to show its teeth. Crazy earth-shattering parabolic moves have been made by crypto projects such as APY Finance, which we covered only 3 days ago! We opened Pandora’s Box, ticking off a few crypto hedge funds, and there is no turning back! APY pulled an insane 6X in just 48 hours after the video was released. Now it’s time to FRONT run the crypto hedge funds and make millionaires and billionaires cry again. This one is going to make them MORE mad than APY Finance.

Today we’re talking all about Frontier (FRONT). This DeFi gem already has some MAJOR partnerships and is connected with all of the major DeFi platforms and ecosystems. Frontier features gasless transactions, yield farming, net acquisition trading and creation, staking, governance, rewards for app activity, and MORE. Find out exactly who FRONT is partnered with and why they are positioned as the next altcoin to EXPLODE.

0:00- Intro
1:30- Whales and Hedgefunds
5:13- Joining Avalanche
6:11- Grants and Partners
7:35- Coinbase with Frontier
8:12- Smart Contracts
8:57- Frontier, meet Solana
10:04- A Gift

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