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Yahoo in recent days disabled autoforwarding for Yahoo Mail — and in at least one corporate client’s case, it disabled the webmail deletion feature.

Yahoo Makes It Harder for Email Users to Jump Ship
The autoforwarding feature “is under development,” reads a statement on the Yahoo site. “While we work to improve it, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to turn on Mail Forwarding for new forwarding addresses.”

The suspension won’t affect users who previously had enabled autoforwarding, Yahoo said.

“We’re working to get autoforward backup and running as soon as possible, because we know how useful it is usually to our users, ” a Yahoo someone said in an affirmation provided to TechNewsWorld by company rep Anna Braskamp.

“The feature was in the short term disabled as part of previously planned maintenance to improve its functionality between an user’s various data files, ” the spokesperson discussed. Users can get an post on to the autoforward efficiency “soon. ”
Scuttling Away a Sinking Dispatch

Generally there has been speculation that Yahoo turned off the autoforwarding feature to come the tide of users quitting Yahoo Mail.

“Large mail software has recently been doing upgrades instantly for decades, and it’s not very plausible that this upgrade is so complicated that they have to turn the system off completely, ” said Ruben R. Levine, author of The Internet abcs.

“I find the sinking deliver theory quite plausible, inches he told TechNewsWorld.

Even now, “I believe they’re working on increasing the email forwarding, since reliable forwarding is surprisingly subtle, inches Levine said.

Protecting the User

Two other options, both associated with the 2-year-old hack of half a billion Yahoo accounts, might make clear Yahoo’s behavior, Levine suggested.

First, cybercriminals could be setting stolen unsecured debts to forward mail so they can use these accounts as drop bins to get responses to spam, he said.

“Forwarding means they don’t have to keep logging in to gather the postal mail and potentially reveal who or where they are by where they’re working in from, ” Levine explained.

Second, if a breached Yahoo account is linked to a very important online account such as a bank, cybercrooks “can arranged up a forward, do a password reset at the bank to take within the bank account, and the victim won’t see the reset message because it’s been forwarded away, ” Levine pointed away.

“He or she will not likely know there’s anything incorrect at the bank until they sign in and see a zero balance or that their bank checks have bounced, ” this individual said.

Plausible explanations apart, “I doubt [Yahoo] would have eliminated as long as to disable forwarding if they weren’t burning off users, ” Levine said.



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