We foiled further attacks during security crack-down-Mogadishu mayor


Recent security operation including closure of roads have foiled several terror attacks in the city, Mogadishu mayor Abdirahman Yarisow has said.

Yarisow told the media security forces have been able to collect credible intelligence to nail terror activities in the city following several days of security operations.

“Our security agencies have received very crucial leads and managed to prevent further attacks in the city. We are telling the public to bear with the situation and support the security agencies,” said Yarisow.

Many roads in Mogadishu have remained closed and traffic diverted this past week following twin attacks which claimed over 30 lives late February. The government had warned of vehicle loaded with explosives a day before February 24 attacks in Villa Somalia and near the Intelligence Headquarters.

The government declared a major security crack-down in the wake of the attacks involving all security agencies in the city.

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