US Sanctions Somali Businessman For Alleged ISIS Links


The US government  has imposed sanctions on three businessmen and their companies after they were accused of supporting ISIS, Radio Dalsan reports.

The US Treasury said in a statement that it has imposed a sanction on Abdulpatta Escalon Abubakar, a Philippine for giving monetary and equipment support to ISIS fighters in Philippine.

Yunus Emre Sakarya and his Turkish based company Profesyoneller Elektronik was accused of procuring drones for ISIS.

Mohamed Mire Ali Yussuf, a Somali and his two companies Liban Trading and Almutafaq Commercial Company were also sanctioned for supporting Somali based ISIS fighters.

Businessman Mohamed Mire who is currently in the United Arab Emirates denied the allegations against him saying they are political.

“I have heard that news from the media. There is no truth in that news. It’s false allegations. I am a well-known businessman. All the people know me and such allegations are not things that can be hidden. The world can know the telephones, actions and dealings of every person. Such thing cannot be hidden. This is just a propaganda.” Mire said

“I own Almutafaq Company. The work my Company does is known and it’s not hidden. This issue that is said is false. My name is Mohamed Mire Ali but the name that was written there is Mohamed Mire Ali Yussuf. I am not called Mohamed Mire Ali Yussuf. I am called Mohamed Mire Ali Mohamed Hogatu” he said

“ But I am ready to answer them if they have allegations against me. My company works in foodstuff,” Mire added.

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