Top News:-Pelosi scrapped Afghan trip after Trump ‘leaked’ details


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday excoriated her political nemesis, President Donald Trump, for “outing” her industrialtrip to Afghanistan after barring her from using a militaryaircraft, forcing her to scrap it entirelyoversecurityissues.
The brawl
in between the no-nonsense Republican chiefand the take-no-prisoners Democrat – who’s now just two heartbeats awayin the presidency – is thenewestsphericalwithin their shutdown showdown.
The federal
authoritiescontinues to be shuttered for 4weeksmore than Trump’s insistence that a broaderspending budgetevaluateinclude billions of dollarsto get a wall on the border with Mexico – and Pelosi’s refusal to complete so.
Their spat spilled
into the diplomatic arena on Thursday when, after Pelosi suggested that Trump postpone his Conditionfrom the Union deal withuntilthe government reopens, the president grounded her military flight.
Pelosi accused Trump of
becoming “very irresponsible” in breaching safety protocol.
had a report from Afghanistan that the president outing our tripexperiencedproduced the scene on thegroundmuch moredangeroussimply becauseit isonly asignaltowards thebad actors that we’re coming,” she told reporters.
The administration strongly denies that it “leaked” any
plansconcerning thejourneyto a war zone.
ideawe’d leak somethingthat wouldplacethe safety and security of any American in dangeris really a flat-out lie,” a senior White Homeofficialsaid.
The US
government shutdown, which hasstill left about 800,000 federal workerswithout a paycheck, is currently the longest within the country’s historyand there’s nosignof the compromise.
Workplace of Management and Budget reportedly issued a memorandum saying that “under no circumstance throughout a government shutdown” can a congressional delegation use authoritiesplane for journey.
However, Republican Consultant Lee Zeldin led a delegation to Iraq and othercountriessince the shutdown started.
office sounded off around the administration’s dealing with of her journey, which experienced not been introduced for securityreasons.
ConditionDepartmentreleased an updatedassessment stressing that Trump’s announcement of the Pelosi journey “had considerablyincreased the dangerto the delegation and also to the troops,” her spokesman Drew Hammill stated.


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