Three terror suspects now surrender after notice


Three of the four wanted men who surrendered to the police yesterday had visited Somalia.

However, Didu Mohamed Fugicha, Boru Abdi Bidu and Ramadhan Wario Bonaya protested their innocence in connection with the latest terror attack in Nairobi when they presented themselves to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit in Isiolo, a day after the police released their photographs among six wanted suspects.
The three were repor

ted to have travelled to Somalia but their parents, who accompanied them yesterday to the Isiolo offices of ATPU and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, said they had been around and had not committed any crime.

One of the parents agreed that his son had travelled to Somalia in 2016.

‘‘Yes, I told the police my son had travelled to Somalia to join Al Shabaab but he came back later,” the old man from Tullu Roba estate on the outskirts of Isiolo town told The Standard yesterday.

“We have reported that our children, including mine, had disappeared and today we are here. I had reported to police that he went away (Somalia),” said another parent who only identified himself as Adan.

Another suspect is the son of a wealthy Isiolo politician.
In Nairobi, Nelson Ndirangu Maina’s family said it was surprised to see his face published in local dailies among those wanted by police under the name Gaddafi aka Munene after the dusitD2 terror attack.

The Tiles and Carpets Centre driver was not aware that his picture was circulating on social media until he reported to work.

His brother, John Wambugu Maina, said he called him and informed him he was at the office where he had learnt that he was wanted by police.

John told The Standard he did not understand how his brother ended up on a list of the most wanted terrorists and with a name that was not even his.

“We received news of my brother being on the list of the most wanted people in the morning. At first, I tried reaching him but I couldn’t, but he later called me and told me that he was at work, where his colleagues had told him that he was in the newspapers.

I advised him to surrender to the nearest police station since he is innocent,” said John.He said his brother reported the issue to his bosses, who advised him not to leave the company premises.

Source: The Standard


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