Teenagers Arrested in Narok Escaping to Somalia


Two teenagers aged 16 were on Thursday arrested by police in Narok after it emerged they had been recruited by terror group al shabaab.

The teenagers, believed to be students at a local school in Narok West were nabbed at a roadblock in Ntulele in Narok East on their way to Kismayu.

According to the police, the suspects were escaping to Somali for al shabaab training.

County police commander Thomas Ngeiwa stated that they acted on a tip given to them by members of the public

Witnesses, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that the suspects went missing on Sunday aboard a lorry with one of their recruiters.

“The driver of the lorry suspected something fishy after hearing what they were discussing and stopped at a roadblock. The recruiter vanished,” one witness commented.

However, the police did not give more details about the arrest explaining that the matter was being investigated.

Police sources divulged that the boys were handed over to the Anti-terrorism Police Unit in Nairobi for further interrogation.

Elsewhere on Wednesday, one suspect, Kelvin Kitili aka Omar Ali Ibrahim, was charged at a Milimani court for giving false information to the police.

The individual had reported to the police earlier in the month that he was planning to launch a major attack in Nairobi alongside some colleagues.

However, Kelvin later claimed that he only gave the false information because he was intoxicated and under the strong influence of bhang after consuming considerable amounts of the drug.

Source: Kenyans


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