“Somaliland Will Pay For Attack .We Will Defend Our Country,” Puntland President Gaas Warns


Puntland late Tuesday issued a stern warning to neighbouring Somaliland  following the capture of the strategic town of Tukaraq.

In a Press conference convened in the administrative capital of Garowe Puntland State President Abdiweli Mohamed Gaas told reporters that Somaliland will defend its borders.

“We are ready to defend our country.. The Hargeisa administration will be responsible for the attack” he said.

Gaas said the attack on the town on the disputed region of Sool aimed to disrupt tour of Puntland by Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo. Who was only less than 90km from Tukaruq.

“They have launched this attack while President of the Federal government of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is on official visit of Puntland. This shows that the Hargeisa administration is not happy with our country. They want destabilize our peace” he said reading from a written statement.

“Puntland is focusing on development. We do not need to focus on war. But the Hargeisa administration has launched an attack and we must act. They will regret” Gaas warned.

Following the capture of Tukaruq tension is high with fear of further military confrontation as both Somaliland and Puntland deploying more troops into the disputed region

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