Somaliland police confiscate over 900 intoxication bottles


Somaliland police yesterday confiscated large amount of intoxicant substances during a security operation which netted 904 beer bottles and 1 ½ kg of hashish during an operation conducted in the area.

Local police in Buroa town, Togdheer province found the items loaded in 2 trucks which were abandoned by the illegal drug traffickers.

Speaking in an event to burn the hard substance after a court ruling, a local administrator cited the items found by the police to be have imported illegally into the area from a neighbouring country while the hashish was grown locally.

“The local administration is today burning intoxication substances amounting to 904 beer bottles and 1 ½ kg of hashish. The beer is brought into the region through the border with Ethiopia but the marijuana was planted in the town” said a local commissioner.

A local judge speaking on the occasion noted the act to incinerate the items was carried through a court ruling where he indicated some local transport vehicles were fined.

“In the court ruling, there were two vehicles fined. One of the cars was its first case and as normal with the law procedure, it was fined 5% of its value while the second one was found to be an earlier offender on the same case in Odweyne location and was fined 10% of its value” a local court official.

No suspects have been arrested so far who were said to have fled the crime scene after they got wind of the police operation according to the local authority.

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