Somalia: Federal police deployed to Baidoa ahead of regional election


More than hundred of Somali federal police has been deployed to Baidoa town, capital of Bay region and Headquarter of South-West administration. Regional MPs criticized the move and called as step to disrupt the coming regional election.

South-West security minister Hassan Hussien told the media that the federal police will contribute securing the election in which is expected to hold on December 5, according to regional electoral committee.

The Federal government of Somalia was accused of dispatching more than 100 police soldiers to Baidoa over unknown reason, according to Former Speaker of Federal, Aden Mohamed Nur “Aden Madobe” who was speaking in Baidoa.

South-west regional administration officials, including regional and federal MPs accused the federal government of Somalia that it supporting one the candidates named Abdi Aziiz Hassan Lafta Gareen, former federal minister of water and minerals.

Meanwhile, the federal government has also been trying to prevent Mukhtar Robow, a former deputy leader of Al-Shabaab, to run for elections.

Robow is seen by some as a political leader untainted by corruption and someone who can bring stability to the region because he is well-versed with the tactics and inner workings of the militant Al-Shabaab group.

The deployment comes barely three days after Somali ministry for Security issued a statement directing the state’s security ministry to execute its roles and secure the election venues as well as the general security of the region.

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