Somalia: Al-shabaab kills military Colonels at scene it was killed military Generals


The Al-qa’idda-linked terrorist group in Somalia killed two military Colonels after an improvised explosive device hidden a road they was traveling in Lower Shabele region especially Dhanane village, newly liberated from the militants.

Military officials told Radio Kulmiye that the SNA Colonels’ car rammed over a landmine that leads them to death at least five soldiers were also injured in the attack claimed by Al-shabaab.

Colonel Abdisalan Adan Kurjow, deputy of 12th Battalion of Somali National Army and Abdirahman Jimale Muse was their way to Mogadishu, according to SNA officials. Colonel Kurjow was appointed in December 26 after his predecessor killed in the same attack at the same scene in December 6.

The December attack also killed General Jamame, the former commander of SNA 12thBattalion.

 Federal government and the command of Somali army are yet to comment yet the attack killed army officials on Tuesday. It is expected to bury the dead officials in Mogadishu on Wednesday.

 Al-shabaab caries the most attacks in Somalia against the SNA and AMISOM troops, also they simultaneously carry out suicide attacks in the Capital Mogadishu. On Monday at least 11 people were killed when Al-shabaab claimed car bomb targeted to busy market in Mogadishu.


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