PlayStation 4 Adds Support for 360-Degree Videos and Photos

If you were worried about Sony’s walled garden limiting your enjoyment of the PlayStation VR, you can breathe easy now. Sony just pushed an update to the PS4’s Media Player app, and the new features it brings will undoubtedly make the PSVR much more appealing to some of us.

In a post on the European PlayStation blog, Sony outlines a few of the new features added to version 2.5 of the Media Player app. With this newest update, FLAC playback and “audio upscaling” for MP3s and AACs with Sony’s own DSEE HX tech are now available to all. That’s great news for console-loving audiophiles, but the new features specifically tailored for the PSVR headset are much more interesting.

With the new software installed, the PS4 now supports 360 degree videos and photos, but for proper playback, they’ll need to be equirectangular. Unfortunately, that means some existing 360 degree content won’t work out of the box. As for file formats, MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2 PS, MPEG2 TS, AVCHD, JPEG, BMP, and PNG files are all capable of being viewed with Sony’s software, but you still won’t be able to store the files directly on your PS4. You’ll either need to use a good old-fashioned USB stick, or simply store them on your local media server. Thankfully, streaming to the PS4 isn’t very difficult.

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