MPs’ efforts to hold Berbera motion flop as majority deliver blow to DP World


Eleven MPs filed a counter-motion to delay the debate on the controversial Berbera Port deal Monday but failed to carry the day paving way for the majority to hand ports operator DP World’s contracts in Somalia a death knell.

The lawmakers had sought a postponement of the motion noting the cabinet should be given time to deliberate on the matter before it is presented for a vote.

“We want the cabinet to discuss this issue first and then give us their resolutions,” Abdirahman Ibbi (MP) said. “The government is mandated to review this matter.”

But the rest of the House could not have any of it giving way for the debate ahead of the vote. Out of 170 lawmakers present, 168 endorsed the motion while one filed a contrary opinion as another abstained. It was not immediately clear if the team seeking delay stayed in for the motion or whether they were present in the House.

The five point resolution among others declared the Berbera port agreement illegal, accused UAE government of aggression and banned DP World from Somalia. The lawmakers also instructed the Prime Minister to urgently table before the House the government’s action plan on implementing the resolution.

The 11 lawmakers who sought a postponement are as follows:

  1. Mohamed Omar Arte (former Deputy Premier)
  2. Abdirahman Ibbi
  3. Ahmed Mohamud Sheikh
  4. Mohamed Ibraahi Abdi
  5. Ali Mohamed Muuse
  6. Amino Omar Jama
  7. Huda Ahmed Ali
  8. Ahmed Mohamed Jama
  9. Faduomo Ismael Hussein
  10. Amino Sheikh Osman
  11. Fadumo Hasan Ali
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