EU, AU speaks out Somalia situation

The African Union Peace and Security Council (AU PSC) and the European Union Political and Security Committee (EU PSC) agreed that a continued strong engagement to support the political process leading to democratization and federalization, and the fight against Al Shabaab, will remain the priorities for the AU and the EU.

They also agreed on the need for the Somali leadership to adhere to the agreed electoral timelines and, equally important, to observe standards for a credible and legitimate process, including respecting the quota reserved for women.

The electoral process should be a milestone towards a more democratic and federal state.

The AU PSC and the EU PSC also stressed the need to progress on the security sector and to build sustainable national security architecture with balanced federal and regional forces that would allow AMISOM transition as agreed.

They emphasized the need for timely support these efforts and in particular also the financial support to AMISOM.

They also underlined the importance of visible peace dividends for the population of the liberated areas.


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