Criminal Justice Standards for the Prosecution Function


Not absolutely all grand juries are gullible, but most all can be misled to some extent, specially when these individuals have hardly any experience or understanding of the subject subject, or framework. Perhaps, this is exactly what happens when grand juries demand indictments such a sizable percentage of that time period when Government Prosecutors come to them to get such. Let’s discuss this just a little, shall we?

There was a fascinating YouTube Video tutorial by the “Fan Dick Morris Route” entitled: “Blockbuster! New Judge May Dismiss A Plea Great buy,” that was published on Feb 21, 2018. Inside the show records it details to an judgment article by Dick Morris submitted online in the European Sates Journal entitled: “Dick Morris: A Conviction COULD POSSIBLY BE TRASHED,” also on Feb 21, 2018. This article states:

“The U.S. Region Judge bought prosecution to provide any ‘Brady’ materials (exculpatory facts) in its ownership to the judge. He particularly needed any Brady materials that the prosecution got in its ownership during the discussions that resulted in a guilty plea. Why is this order different is the fact that it employs the average person pleaded guilty and, in the plea contract, decided to forgo any more finding of new proof.

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