Amazon Throws In Free Access To Audible Channels, Free Audio ..

Amazon last week launched Prime Reading — a new benefit for subscribers to its US$100-a-year Amazon Prime service that lets them access content for free. That content will come from more than 1,000 top Kindle books, Kindle Singles, magazines, comic books, children’s books, and classic works from writers such as Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Mailer and Gloria Steinem. The content can be ...

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Samsung Down, Galaxy Note7 Out

Shares of Samsung Electronics fell sharply on Tuesday after the company confirmed reports that it had halted production of its flagship Galaxy Note7 smartphone, just launched this summer. Samsung Down, Galaxy Note7 Out The move came after several replacement phones reportedly smoldered or caught fire. Shares fell 8 percent in the Korean market. Samsung had been working with the U.S. ...

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Yahoo Makes It Harder for Email Users to Jump Ship -Top News

Yahoo in recent days disabled autoforwarding for Yahoo Mail — and in at least one corporate client’s case, it disabled the webmail deletion feature. Yahoo Makes It Harder for Email Users to Jump Ship The autoforwarding feature “is under development,” reads a statement on the Yahoo site. “While we work to improve it, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to turn ...

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HP Debuts Flashy New Computers-Top News

Look out, Apple. Horsepower on Wednesday launched a new technology of high quality computer products which could generate the sort of excitement on the market that’s usually the domain name of the people at One Infinite Loop.   Among the list of new Horsepower offerings are a fresh tablet-laptop convertible, a svelte laptop, an progressive all-in-one model, and a 4k ...

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PlayStation 4 Adds Support for 360-Degree Videos and Photos

If you were worried about Sony’s walled garden limiting your enjoyment of the PlayStation VR, you can breathe easy now. Sony just pushed an update to the PS4’s Media Player app, and the new features it brings will undoubtedly make the PSVR much more appealing to some of us. In a post on the European PlayStation blog, Sony outlines a ...

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