Apple iPhone 6s

With its 4.7 inch retina display and rounded edges, the iPhone 6S looks almost exactly the same as its predecessor the iPhone 6. Don’t be fooled. When you unlock the screen there are a range of new updates and features to be explored.


Indeed, practically everything about the iPhone 6s is as good as ever. First off, Apple has made this model more grounded by swapping the old 6000 arrangement aluminum combination for a more strong and ultra-tough 7000 arrangement compound. Yet, that is not all. The screen glass is harder as well.

The 12-megapixel camera has likewise been improved and now offers 4K video recording for completely clear home films. Be that as it may, the genuine distinct advantage is an energizing new element accessible called 3D Touch, which gives you a chance to cooperate with the iPhone 6S in new ways.

Obviously, since quite a while ago settled components, for example, Siri, Apple Pay and Touch ID are here as well. Be that as it may, they’ve now been patched up. Apple’s Touch ID unique mark security is currently much quicker, which means you can open your iPhone and sign into secure applications, for example, individual keeping money in record time.

Furthermore, the processor has had a speed help as well. Apple has furnished the 6S with a 65-bit A9 processor in the iPhone 6s that achieves accelerates to 70% quicker than past Apple handsets.

Wi-Fi availability has additionally been made strides. The outcome is that you’ll have the capacity to appreciate Wi-Fi accelerates to twice as quick as the iPhone 6.


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