Al-shabaab stormed Somali military base in lower jubba region


Heavily armed fighters of al-shabaab attacked Somali National Army base in Lower Jubba region on Saturday morning. The SNA officials told the state media that they repulsed the attacked and killed scores of militants.

Commander of 43d division of SNA told Radio Kulmiye that Al-shabaab attacked the military base in Bar-Sanguni village from two different directions with vehicles donated explosives and inventory armed militants.

Bar-Sanguni is a village nearly 45km north of Kismayo, capital of Lower Jubba region.

General Ali Mohamed Mohamud commonly known as Bogmadow said the Somali military successfully repulsed the attack and defended their base.

Media owned by Jubbaland administration reported that military officials in Bar-Sanguni confirmed the death of 73 Al-shabaab militants and foiled armored car loaded with explosives.

“We have killed 73 Al-shabaab militants, and we foiled a car with explosives and exploded it” military official told the media anonymously.

The Al-Qaidda linked terrorist group in Somalia, Al-shabaab claims responsibility of the attack, killing more 40 soldiers and captured military supplies.

The insurgent group increased the attacks against Somali national army and AMISOM. Saturday’s attack is the first of such kind in this year, but on Friday armed militants of Al-shabaab attacked Ethiopian troops contributing the African Union Peacekeeping mission in the country.

The deadly attacked of Friday leaved dead more than 20 of both sides and at least 10 civilians, according to residents and officials of Bay region.


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