Al-shabaab attacks US main base in Somalia


Al-shabaab attacked the US military base in Somalia on Friday with an explosive artillery projectile, according Lower Shabele regional officials.

The Al-Qaidda linked group claims that they shelled the Bali-dogle base, where US military in Somalia uses to organize air raids and airstrikes against Al-shabaab. The base also helps SNA operations against the insurgent group.

Abdi fitah Haji Abdulle, deputy Governor of Lower Shabele region confirmed to Radio kulmiye that Al-shabaab attacked the US base in the region, but did give further  details.

Using their websites, Al-shabaab claimed they have killed three US soldiers in Bali-dogle, including officer.

There is no comment from US command in Africa about Al-shabaab claimed attack. But US increasingly carries airstrikes against the terrorist and killed hundreds of fighters. Last year AFRICOM carried out more than 45 airstrikes and this year more than 15.


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