Al-shabaab arrested nearly 70 people in central Somalia


The Al-Qidda linked terrorist group in Somalia, Al-shabaab arrested 67 people including youth and elders on Monday, witnesses told Warkii.Com.

The mass arrest came after Al-shabaab ordered local people to pay Diya, compensation money of killed persons, but the local residents failed to pay the amount of Diya ruled by Al-shabaab, according to the residents.

The arrested people were living in Galqoryale village near Elbur district of Galgadud region, where Al-shabaab controls.

There were three elders arrested by Al-shabaab last month that makes the number of people in detention 70.

The local people told Warkii.Com  that all the detainees are men.

Al-shabaab is jihadist group in Somalia, seeking to rule the country Islamic Sharia. The militants constantly fight against the government of Somalia and the African Union troops in Somalia.

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