2 Explosive Laden Vehicles Destroyed Near Afgoye


The Somali National Army (SNA) on Tuesday destroyed two vehicles carrying IEDs in Mubarak village near Lower Shebelle’s Afgoye town.

Speaking to the government media in Mubarak village, SNA Commander Abdullahi Ali Anod said that the two vehicles that were thought to be directed to Mogadishu were destroyed by the SNA.

“Two ready vehicles with IEDs were destroyed in that operation. The vehicles were ready to take off maybe to the capital city,” said Commander Anod.

The Commander added that the military recovered different types of IEDs, ammunition, military uniforms and other tools.

“A store full of different types of IEDs was found. The two vehicles were destroyed in Mubarak today in the morning by the military. The other things will also be burnt down today. A lot of ammunition, military uniform, sandbags used for defence and a large quantity of fuel were also recovered. And the enemy suffered a big loss,” added the Commander.

The US-backed SNA launched an operation on Alshabaab controlled areas near Afgoye on Mondaycapturing Mubarak and Awdegle villages from the Alqaeda linked fighters in Somalia.

Alshabaab through an affiliated website said that they defended themselves from the Somali army and what they called “friends of Somali government”.

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